About Us

Adaptation Group of Nepal is a private company registered at the office of the Company Register’s Office Kathmandu. The company owned by a group of highly competent and dedicated professionals established to contribute national building by providing a very high quality services in a wide array of the fields. 
Contribute towards making community and ecosystems resilient through the adjustment of climate and environmental stresses, judicious and sustainable utilization of natural resources  
  • Carry out research for public, private and government agencies on climate sensitive sectors defined under the green, blue and brown sectors to comprehend and update their state.  
  • Sensitization and capacity building on cutting edge technology and agenda that matters to key stakeholders from grass-roots through to the policy and decision making levels 
  • Provide consultancy services to a variety of clients from private, public and governmental sector in designing programs and projects, their implementation, measure progress and evaluate impacts 
The company aims to offer high quality services on specialist fields - designing programs and service delivery mechanism, climate adaptation, conservation and utilization of natural and biodiversity resources, capacity building, enterprise development and program evaluation. The company offers demand based research and development services as required by the clients. 
Specialist services 
  • Design and development of research, extension programs as well as business plan preparation of small to medium scale enterprises 
  • Provide professional and technical services on agriculture, alternative renewable energy, biodiversity, climate change adaptation and resilience, climatic hazard and disaster management, urban waste management, infrastructure, education, health, off farm interventions and agro-forestry.
  • Provide technical and professional services for the promotion of the business and industrial growth also support supplies. 
  • Provide services on baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation and impact evaluation and impact and or post project evaluation.
  • Provide design demand based training modules and manuals for capacity building of the government and non-government agencies, and private sectors.
  • Facilitate strategic planning and program implementation of the government and non-government agencies - mainstreaming, institutional and market networking.
  • Contribute as part of the policy dialogue team as required by the clients. 
Working approach 
AGON devises working modalities with due consideration of 'multiple realities', 'co-existence', 'equality' and'do no harm'principles. Abiding country's national policies, strategies and frameworks, the company promotes participatory, inter-disciplinary and bottom up planning and implementation approaches in action. 
Professional expertise 
  • Designing program, capacity development strategy and measures at different levels especially on the development of training module, manual, 
  • Expert knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation 
  • Sound technical knowledge of Adaptation Programs Planning Processes.
  • Expert knowledge, skill and experience on curriculum and training manual development
  • Sound understanding about the training needs of the vulnerable communities
  • Good knowledge of climate change in general and other climate change initiatives within the country
  • Sound understanding Local Governance, Functioning of Coordination Mechanisms, Institutional mechanism and have adequate knowledge on procedural guidelines in line with Local Self Governance Acts and Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development 
  • Good understanding of the vulnerability context of adaptation
  • Sound knowledge on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion and Monitoring and Evaluation on the context of Climate Change Adaptation and Local Adaptation Plans for Action
  • Experience on working on government planning process and have adequate knowledge of integrating adaptation plans into local planning processes 
  • Effective communication skills and ability to conduct trainings for different levels 
  • Excellent ability to quickly grasp and synthesize large amounts of data from different sources
  • Good understanding of capacity development plan for the implementation of integrated plans.
  • Designing program, capacity development strategy and measures - Module and Manual development on Capacity building, Monitoring and Evaluation, Gender and Social Inclusion.
  • Climate change, disasters risk reduction and environment planning at different scales 
  • Integrating climate and environment perspectives in local planning processes 
  • Organize and facilitate capacity development programs at various levels 
  • Data management, analysis and documentation 
  • Capacity development and implementation of integrated plans 
  • Good Governance Capacity needs assessment, institutional coordination and networking